Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sea of Green

I went into the middle of a field yesterday.  I don't know if I've ever been in such an open space in my life.  You know how some people have a phobia of open spaces?  They would have been terrified
I was on this country road and I realized that the barbed-wire fence along the road had ended and there was just this big ol' mass of green vastness there for the taking.  So I timidly took a few steps out into it.  Once I started it kept pulling me in.  Soon I had run/interpretive danced into the middle of it all, with the wind blowing ripples through the blades all around.  It really does feel kind of like being out far into the ocean.
I swam my way to a fence on the other side, next to which there was this old roadster buggy-thing all rusted and forgotten.  It was cool.  The sun was getting close to the western horizon, so I hurried back through the field to the road to the car to home.  To my relief, the whole experience didn't even leave me with a tick.
Oh!  And, on my way back to the car I noticed some friendly Black-Eyed Susans, which I took home with me and put in a vase in the kitchen.  


  1. This is so cool. I went for a walk (not a run. we're working up to that) in the most naturey place in Buenos Aires yesterday, and it was gorgeous. There was actual water, not ocean, but a river wide enough to look like ocean. But where the actual water met the actual land there was lots of actual washed-up garbage. Yelch. You keep enjoying those pristine Western seascapes. Love, Wayne.

  2. Thank you for using the word "yelch". What a great word.