Monday, September 24, 2012

Debt of Gratitude

This isn't going to be well crafted or thought-out, but I just have to record some things I am grateful for:

1)  Autumn.  I remember every year why this season is my favorite.  It's the air.  It smells good and it feels amazing.  I. LOVE. AUTUMN.
2)  My new roommates.  They are fun and funny and speak Spanish and laugh and are generous and are simply kindred spirits.  I feel so blessed to be around them.
3)  Having enough on my plate to realize which things don't really matter.  (But it's still a balancing act.  Holy cow.)
4)  Christ.  I have been praying to be more aware of Christ in my life and I simply feel lifted - more free, peaceful, and well.
5)  My many many good friends.  I am surrounded by amazing people.  I'm stunned by the beauty of human interaction, even if it's just sitting in the back of a classroom taking notes together and making occasional jokes to each other.  It's something I love.
6)  My Mom.  We've become better friends this summer and she is just the coolest lady ever.
7)  Learning Spanish.  It's so exciting to be learning a new way of communicating.  I don't know why I didn't tap into this sooner.
8)  How the air smells at this time of year.  I know I basically already said this one, but I love it so much.
9)  This feeling in my heart.  I mean, it's Grace.  God's grace has come into my life and given me confidence and peace and rest.  (See number 4.)
10)  My younger brothers.  Today I went home and Ben was practicing on his marimba, diligently.  Coby was in the front riding skateboards with his friend Sam, their electric guitars lying on the front lawn with an amp.  Joe was walking around in the house in his awesome glasses, looking like a dude.

This life is good.


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