Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hey guys.

not much email time this week, which is a shame seeing as we saw TONS of miracles this week.

Lidia came to church!  We met Imma Mimba!  (total miracle -- ask me to read you my journal entries from this week when I get home.)  he came to church too!  We taught Fabrice the law of chastity in ENGLISH for the first time ever on my mission and it was so awkwardinho.  We almost died.  Except that I love the law of chastity and think it's the bomb.  TWICE in lessons this week people were like, "wait, so you are VIRGINS!????"   Heck yeah!!  

So, um, transfers.  We were not even thinking that anything would happen besides SG leaving and me staying.  Um........ wrong!

I am in Oeiras!!!!!!!!!! Serving in LISBON for the first time in my LAST transfer, and living in a house with 4 sisters for the first time, and whitewashing/dividing an area for the first time, and .....

are you ready for this? .....




I'm training!!!  Her name is Sister McCall and she'll get here on Thursday.  Will you pray for her?  And for me, that I can be a great trainer for her?

I am happy.  I am also SUPER intensely tired.  Will you also pray that I can have energy and not die?

I am so happy that Dad you are getting better.  Keep it up!  Thank you for not having lots of scary news this week.

I had a cool experience praying on Monday night because obviously I was freaked out that Dad was in the hospital and I was talking to God about it and crying and really worried and everything, and then I had this crystal realization that because of faith in Christ, even worst case scenarios are overcomeable.  With that realization came a lot of peace, and I handed the situation (and my desire to have more control over it) over to God, and felt His peace through the rest of the week.  Such a tender mercy.

So glad you're doing well, Dad.

I love you!

On to the next adventure!

Stay safe, be great to each other, shine His love,



ps. mom have fun at camp!

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