Monday, September 1, 2014

25 Aug 2014 - This is Salvasation!!

I said that to Sister Galloway this morning in comp study, accidentally.  I give us a lot to laugh about with all the bizarre things that come out of my mouth.  I blame it on Portuguese but I think it is also partly because I am just ridiculous.

Dear Folks,

I am going to print your emails out and read them.  Sorry if I don't respond to something important.

Question:  Is brother Aidukaitis, the one teaching you Portuguese, a member of the seventy?

Other Question:  I feel stupid about this one ... who is Clara?  Did Allie have another baby that no one ever told me about?

Ah, guys.  Life is just so dang beautiful, man.

Isabel is going to be baptized on Saturday.  She is so ready and humble and willing to act.  It is breathtaking, really.  I was lying in bed last night thinking about how much I admire our investigators.  The humility and courage and child-like-ness required to take upon yourself these big life changes and commit to them forever is really really admirable.  These people teach me more than I teach them, without a doubt.  

We had 5 people in church yesterday, which was lovely.  I love the Oeiras ward so much.  Yesterday before Sacrament Meeting started I was looking out over the hubbub and thinking to myself, "I love this.  I love Portugal.  I love these people!".  That thought was followed by another: " I am leaving all this in 10 days, and that feels SO RIGHT."  It boggles my mind that both of those thoughts can coexist so peacefully inside me.  But they do.

Grace, you guys.  Grace.  It is the most beautiful thing.  

I will leave you with another funny thing that came out of my mouth accidentally this week.  The other day we were planning in the kitchen (the other sisters were in the study room) and the laundry machine was making some pretty intensely loud sounds that sounded like a space ship landing.  I got a twinkle in my eye, looked over at Sister Galloway, and half-whispered, "The aliens has arrived."  We died laughing.  Who the heck am I and what happened to my grammar!?

Ah, guys, I love you.  I think I will get to email you next week, but if not, Nao Faz Mal because we will be together soon.

Forca!  (Strength.)

Sister Sandholtz

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