Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ben is my little brother, child number 4 in our family.  He is fifteen years old.  Without a doubt he has the best sense of humor in our family, and there are a lot of funny people in my family.  I think it's his timing.  And his memory.  He has the most impeccable memory for movie quotes or past funny moments, and he always weaves them perfectly into the situation at  hand.
Ben's sentence construction is priceless.  It must be a function of his extra chromosome - Ben has Down Syndrome.  He uses conjunctions interchangeably.  "Wayne is infatuated of her.  That means he has a crush with her."
Which reminds me, Ben's vocab is awesome.  He's been learning some great words this year in seventh grade, and he uses them in real life.  Words like: persnickety, inebriated, compel.  Said in his gruff voice, used perfectly in sentences, they make me smile every time.
There's no real way for me to describe Ben's magnificence.  You just have to meet him.
One more thing: Ben is indefatigably loyal.  Come December, most kids have a countdown to Christmas; Ben has a countdown to when Wayne, Nate, and I come home from college.

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