Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Rain makes me feel like I'm in Ireland or something, not Utah

Life is good, but it's not easy.  It would be lame if it were easy.  In fact, if it were easy, it probably wouldn't be nearly as good.  But enough circular mumbling.  Some of the things that made my life good this week:

1)  Riding my bike.  The weather suddenly decided to be Spring, and I celebrated by turning to bike transportation as the easiest and most fun way to get around.  Rode to yoga class with good friends, rode to my brother's house to visit, rode to the temple, rode to the park for a soccer practice, etc.  It was fantastic.  My favorite thing is how the wind whooshes on my skin when I'm riding downhill.

2)  My friends.  I have realized how opulently blessed I am in the realm of friends.  Heavenly Father has really placed some first-rate people in my circle of acquaintance.

3)  Tulips.

4)  Sonatas.  Something about playing beautiful music in a small-ensemble setting just makes me so joy-filled.  Tonight I went over to a friend's house to play some sonatas.  He sight-read a bunch of Mozart amazingly well and we just played together for an hour or so.  It wasn't polished or perfect, but it was fun, and just the boost I needed.


  1. Annie, I like you so much. Your number 3, tulips, almost made me cry....last Thursday. Something about the exuberant amount of yellow and red made me misty.

  2. You're beautiful--one of the truly good things in my abundant life. I'm glad I stumbled across your blog!