Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Special Flakes

All right, best people.  Get ready.

Here is my address.  I will be in Lagos for at least 6 weeks, probably longer.

Rua Conselheiro Joaguim Machado
42-46  1 dto

Here are a few of the things I am loving here:
1. English transliterations and funny things, like cereal boxes called "Master Crumble" and "Special Flakes", or t-shirts on the bodies of Cabo Verdians that say things like "I´MA NICE GUY".
2. Name like "Felizminha de Jesus", which if Iºm not mistaken means something like "Little Happy one of Jesus".  Rad.
3. Cool phrases in Portuguese.  The word they use for "to give birth" is "dar luz", which means literally, "to give light".  Cool, huh?  And the word they use for "to raise kids" is "criar" which means literally "to create".  Cool, right?  Lanuguages are the besst.  I want to learn Spanish, French, and German.  But first Portuguese.  Aiyaiyai! 
4. The milk here is amazing.  amazing.  It comes in boxes and is somehow sweeter and creamier than the milk in America.  And Nelma taught me to make this thing called "Bolo de Bolachas" (cookie cake) which is basically you take Maria cookies, dip them in Pero, and then stack them on a plate, layered with this sugary creamy eggy mixture.  I think you guys would dig it.  Letºs make it in 16 months.

Here are a few of the beautiful things that comprised my life this week:
1. We got to complete a family this week!  Zito was baptized a couple months ago, and his wife Jeisa was being taught by the Elders before we got here.  We really felt like we should commit her to be baptized this week, so we did, and she prayed about the BOM and her fears left her.  The baptism was on the beach (tourists all over the place.  kinda weird.  someone whipped out an iphone and started videoing. ha!) and was beautiful.  I will never forget seeing black black Zito in his white white clothes, holding hands with Jeisa as they walked into the ocean for him to baptize her.  Sheºs pregnant with their first kid and Iºm so glad they are now united in the gospel to start their family.  
2. Real live miracles: Simone is this German lady we met outside the chapel one day.  She seemed soooo crusty to me, but Sister W went and talked to her.  We stopped by again on Wednesday, and just in time, because it soon became apparent that she is in the middle of some sort of crisis.  A complicated family situation, we donºt know the details.  But her daughter Carolina was with her not-husband, Paul, and she was extremely afraid and worried.  We taught her some and prayed with her and I have never had someone search my eyes with such innocent, frank need.  When we left, Sister W went to give her beijinhos (the little kiss kiss thing on the cheeks, they do that here all the time), and she just kind of grabbed her and hugged her tight and stroked her head a little.  She doesnºt understand a lot of Portuguese so we called the office to order a German BOM for her, which would arrive on Saturday.  But on Thursday we took her to see the chapel.  On our way out we passed the table with all the free materials - BOMs, passalong cards, etc - and I thought, "why not just check if weºve got something in German?".  We have a lot of Romanian stuff bc there are Romanians here, but Iºve never seen anything German.  So I look through the stack of 4 BOMs on the table and sure enough there it is: Das Buch Mormon.  WHAT!??  Yeah.  So we gave it to her and read a scripture with her and gave a chapter to read.  She and Carolina and Paul came to church on Sunday.  Sheºs got a lot of mental health stuff she needs to work out, but I know sheºs going to get baptized at some point.  If not with us, then down the road.  I know it.  God chose her in the furnace of affliction.  It will be interesting to see her story unfold.
3. We finally got into Eguimar and Preciueseºs house last night!  Thanks for your prayers!  And they are rad.  They are having us over on Wednesday, and we know itºs a firm commitment because theyºre cooking us SNAILS.  Say what!?  Yeah, they eat those here.  Iºm excited to teach them.

All right.  I love you so much.  It sounds like this was a beautiful week.  Iºm so happy we are a family.  That Mad Lib killed me.

Keep on being awesome.  Every time we act to show God that we have faith, He gives us grace.  Every time.

Love love love LOve love,

Sister Sandwhoels

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