Monday, June 3, 2013

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This week Sister Warburton discovered how funny it is to speak Portuguese words with a really Brittish accent.  Thatºs been fun.

We live right by this big Catholic church with a Bell Tower.  Itºs one of my favorite things to just hear those bells ringing on the hour and the half hour. Ah, Europe.

Mom, before I forget, can you make sure the bank knows I live in Portugal?  Iºm pretty sure they do, but just to be safe so they donºt discontinue my debit card.  I might pull out some personal funds to buy sandals.  Itºs getting hot.

Favorite Portuguese words of the week= socorrer (to succor).  Someone once told me that to succor means to run to the aid of, and that really makes sense in Portuguese. the verb for run is correr.  So socorrer is succor.  Cool.
Also, "blessed" is "bem-aventurado".  "well-adventured".  Well-adventured are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.  Cool.

Iºma try to answer the questions Wayne asked.

where are Eguimar and Precieuse from? 
Precieuse is from Africa, I think.  Her first language is English but she speaks it with an accent I havenºt heard before.  Her name is French.  Eguimar is Brazilian.
Also how is Simone and her family?  
Simone is impossible to explain, but she is so sweet and she wants to get baptized.  We gave her "Finding Faith in Christ" in German and she has watched it lots of times.  We marked her for baptism next Sunday and are going to meet with her daily this week to teach.  Guys, please pray that sheºll have the courage to get in the water.  Sheºs got all these allergies and neuroses and (sp?) and worries about everything.  But she needs the blessings of covenants!  Last night she told us that she feels more relaxed when we are at her house.  We explained that what she was feeling is the Holy Ghost.  She asked how much longer weºd be here in Lagos, and we explained how transfers work, and she said, "Maybe God sent you here for me".  Yep, Simone, He did.  She calls us "Casey and Annie" (Sister Wºs name is Cathy.  Simone canºt say it.)  Itºs so fascinating watching someone who has never even considered believing in God take these steps.  Sheºs so afraid.  She says "Tal Vez" (maybe) to everything we say, not "yes".  But it's clear that she feels how important this is, and wants it.  Pray that she will have the courage to open her heart, and pray, and be willing to act. 
Also I'm just dying to hear more about the group!  Where do you meet?  How many meet?  Where are they all from?  Where is the stake, in Faro or something?  Where are the other missionaries in your mission from?
We meet in this little tile-floored place under a bunch of apartment buildings.  There are probably about 25 to 30 who come each week. Tons of them are related to Nelma; they've got this big complicated Angolan family tree.  There there are the few Portuguese stalwarts, Leonor and Alzira.  Jeisa and Zito are Cabo Verdian.  Most of the people here in general are Portuguese, Angolan, Cabo Verdian, Mozambiquen, or tourists from Brittain or Germany.  The District is the whole Algarve.  Sister W is Brittish, Elders McClean and Staples are American, Elder Ca is Cabo Verdian.

Okeydoke, I'm going to try to send some pictures. Fingers crossed.

Coby and Joe, thanks for the emails! 
I'm sad I wont' get to read Nate's first installment until next week, but I'm sure excited.  That was such a blessing last week to kind of be there with you guys as you went to the airport!
I love you!


Me when I first arrived at the airport

This girl's name is Diva, I kid you not!

Nelma showing us how African women carry their babies.  Diogo is sooo cute.  I wish you could hear him say "Sandholth"

We live in the most beautiful place in the world.  Can you see much of the background?

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