Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feb 3, 2014 - "Dude, look how cute those diaper bags are!!"

You know you are subconsciously excited about motherhood when you hear those words come out your mouth.  Ha!


We are at a different internet spot that usual and the keyboards here are really lame, so this one may be a bit shorter than usual.

This morning I read The Moral Force of Women, Elder Christofferson's latest conference talk.  Holy flip, guys, it blew my mind.  I remember loving it when he gave it, but reading the talk just really hit it home.  The whole thing was such the double-edged sword of incisive truth that our world needs.  (Thank you, Wayne, for sending the conference ensign and those note cards!  I love them.  All.  Even the Del Parson láminas!)  Sister Rad and I had a great long conversation about it during comp study.  Sister Rad is just super insightful.  I learn so much from the conversations we have during studies.  

Do you remember back in the day when the Jacobs lived with us for that one summer and Heather made me laugh so hard that I peed my pants practically every day that summer? 

I was telling Sister Rad earlier in the week that she reminded me of my cousin Heather, who makes me laugh really hard.  (Sister Rad has a lot of similar mannerisms and laughs at the same stuff as Heather.  It's just delightful -- I always wished I could be mission comps with Heather and now I'm mission comps with someone a lot like her!)  I explained about that summer and told Sister Rad, mostly in jest, that I'd be lucky if I made it through this transfer without peeing my pants.

But.....I didn't.  Ha!  I peed my pants on Tuesday.  Completely.  Sister Rad said something really funny right at the moment when I was tucking in my shirt to my skirt and then my skirt fell down and the whole thing was just hilarious and, well, yeah, I lost it.  Luckily we were in the church and no one else was around and it was raining so we could walk back to our house for me to change and anybody in the street would probably assume that I had just fallen in a puddle.  I felt like a kindergartener.  But it was also just, really funny.

On a more interesting and important front, Antonion Jr. is doing great.  We had a really cool lesson on the law of chastity with him and Manuel and Nazare and Americo.  We watched We are going to teach him about tithing and fasting tonight.  Luis and Luisa are both trying to stop smoking.  

There were a lot of other cool and beautiful miracles this week. I will tell you about them at a future date.

Ha! I am sorry that the majority of this email is about me peeing my pants.  If that is too embarassing to put on my blog, feel free to leave it off.  Personally I don't really mind.

Love you! 

Be good. Be kind.  Take care of each other.

Sister Sandholtz

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