Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feb 17, 2014 - Sim, eu te seguirei


Where to start?!

I love all your letters.  Thank you for being the best communicators ever.

Interviews with President Fluckiger this week were great.  I feel like I got to know him better in this interview.  He is such a humble servant of the Lord, with real spiritual power but no pretension or vanity.  I am grateful for him and Sister Fluckiger.  They are great mission parents.

On Valentines Day Sister Rad and I switched clothes (it's exciting to wear something different once in a while!), actually wore make up (normally it's just some mascara, if anything), and cooked ourselves a fancy lunch (salmon with lemon sauce, broccoli, and brown rice.)  It was fun to do something different.  That was the day of Antonio's baptismal interview, which went smoothly, of course.  Antonio Junior is just the chillest dude ever.  So calm and tranquil and doesn't make a big deal about anything.  He's great.

His baptism was hands down the least stressful baptism of my mission so far.  Everything went smoothly, everyone was on time and supportive, the font was the perfect temperature.  His dad, who joined the church years ago in Connecticut but isn't currently active, attended and was also very chill.  We are hoping to get to know him better.  Antonio senior.  

Sister Rad and I sang "Sim, Eu Te Seguirei" (Lord I would Follow Thee) at the baptism.  I love singing parts with Sister Rad.  She has a really beautiful voice.  We made the Branch Pres cry!  woot. (ha - you know I am joking right?)

Yesterday was the happiest Sunday of my mission so far, I think.  The sacrament meeting room felt really full.  We had six investigators come to church!  Everyone sat together in the front few rows, and I cried some. I was surrounded by so many people I care about so much.  

Manuel blessed the sacrament!  He was nervous but he did a great job.  I love the way Manuel talks.  He carries his R's a lot - they are way back in his throat and last a long time.  He and Antonio Jr. are getting to be pals.  They are both pretty excited about family history and temples and it is just such a miracle that they have each other as peers as they get involved in the church.

Guess what makes me so happy?!  Sunshine.  Oh mercy, guys, the last two weeks were rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain.  But yesterday and today have been blue blue skies.  Today there were people with lawnmowers grooming the public parks.  Birds chirp in the mornings.  The light comes sooner and goes away later.  I have been anticipating Spring for several weeks now and she is finally gracing us.  Hallelujah!

I will send you pictures next pday.  Today it just doesn't fit.

I have been reading the war chapters in the BOM recently.  This time around the thing that has really stuck out to me is the carinho (love/affection) all these men have for each other.  They've really got each others' backs.  Like the way Helaman calls the strippling warriors "my little sons" before their battle and "my strippling Ammonites" after.  And the way Pahoran tells Moroni to "strenthen Lehi and Teancum in the Lord" and to minister to them.  They are united leaders, men of God.  Brotherhood is a powerful, beautiful thing.

We taught an awkward Law of Chastity lesson this week.  Ha!  It's always a little bit of a surprise with that one.  You never know how much unwanted information you are going to get.  Aiaiai.  Remind me to tell you about that one someday in the future.  It was funny.

Got to go!  Please pray for Ana, Luisa, Joao (he's going to move to Setubal), Sonia, Marina, Lina, Joao &Luciana and their kids, Marlene, and Evora.

I love you so much.  I really do miss you a lot.

And I can't wait to go to the Lego Movie with you.  Yes!!


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