Monday, May 26, 2014

19 May 2014 - I'm a goofy goober yeah

Urgh people sorry!

I spent my time waiting for this lame computer to not be a loser, figuring out how to print your emails out, writing to president Fluckiger, communicating with some past comps, and organizing my email like Nate did.  Sorry!  Next week will be longer I promise!  I will include below part of my letter to Pte Fluckiger so you can at least have an idea of what's going on out here.

I can't believe transfers are next monday.  Sis. Giberson and I are so hoping to stay together in Matosinhos!  

Highlights of the week included teaching Fabrice, a guy from Cameroon in English who speaks only English, French, and whatever they speak in cameroon.  He is here to play futebol.  I wish you could have heard him read the first vision out loud in French.  so cool.

We reprogrammed the alarm tones on our cell phone so that now our daily routine includes several 30-second mini dance parties to our groovy cell phone alarms.  ha!

I read Luke 7:36-50 and it slayed me.

Well I have to go!

I love you!  So so much!  Thank you for your prayers and faith, I can feel them!

Yours yours yours,

Sister Sandholtz

Hello President Fluckiger,

It was a good week in Matosinhos.

We marked Jose for baptism on June 21.  We are working with him to stop smoking and get married on the 20th so he can be baptized on the 21st.  We also marked Valdomar for the 14th of June. He also has addictions, which we will be making a plan with him to deixar.

Our investigator Armando is doing great.  This week he told us he has already started sharing the gospel with his friends.

Lidia and her family still haven't come to church, nor Elisabete and her family.  But I believe they will.  We are going to baptize at least one family in Matosinhos!  

I already told you this, but I would LOVE to stay in Matosinhos with Sister Giberson.  She's a great missionary, we love working together, we both have a desire to work hard and baptize families, and we are happy.  I am so grateful for the beautiful thing that is a mission!
Sister Sandholtz

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