Monday, May 26, 2014

5 May 2014 - lame, I know...

All right.  I just spent a long time reading your emails and chatting with a few friends.  I will log back in in an hour to send you some photos and talk to you about next week and hopefully tell you about my week!

It was great.  The training went awesome, thanks for your prayers!!

Charles got baptized, he's a rock star.  it's a shame he's moving back to Brazil tomorrow.

Sister Giberson is amazing.  I love working with her.  Every night our final companionship prayer of the day is just gratitude.  We don't ask for anything - just thank Him for the countless manifestations of His grace and goodness that day.  I really love it.

In case I don't have more time later, a few highlights:

Sister Giberson got threatened by a crazy lady with a hammer axe.  In jest, we think, but you never know.  Yay missionary life!!

We spent the week EVERYWHERE.  Porto, Lisbon, Maia, Foz de Douro, then finally Matosinhos!!  It felt soooo long but a lot of great stuff happened.

Okay I have to log off.

Love your GUTS.  Can't wait to talk to you!

This is me and sister Prieto. I'm sending it so you can see Elders Da Veiga and Fortes in the background

Me and Sister Giberson suuuuper tired in the elevator when we arrived home from our trip to Lisbon and got to bed at 1 a.m for the second night in a row...

This is SO TYPICAL. I had to take a picture, so I asked them if I could. Their names were Maria, Francelina, and Margarida. I think.

This is Charles. I really love this photo. He was taking a picture of us, then just turned around and put himself in it too. Ha! We're like his shoulder angels or something.

This is me and my gorgeous companion, Sister Giberson, overlooking the city of Porto! We spent pday there on our way to Lisbon. :)

Me, Rad, and King at mission counsel. Say goodbye to the mermaid hair; I cut it today...

This is what Portuguese mailboxes look like. Except not all of them have statues next to them.

I'm a real missionary! Walked a hole into my shoe!

I gut my herr did! (I got my hair done!)

ana's baptism 3 weeks ago!

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