Monday, June 17, 2013

When I grow up I want to be Angolan

Seriously. Africans are just the best. (Did I tell you that Nelma
and I sometimes dance to her Cabo Verdian grooves in her kitchen and
she told me I dance like I have African blood!? Yeah. Pretty much
the best compliment I´ve ever been given.)

You guys. Being a missionary is HARD. It´s like swimming in a never
ending race. At first you´re like, "Woo! I´m swimming! There´s
water!", and you are splashing all over and stuff. And at some point
you get to a stage where you´re like, "I don´t think I can lift my arm
out of the water another time." But you do. And in doing so you
discover corners of your heart that you didn´t know existed, and you
find resources there to keep going. And God reminds you that He will
take care of you. No matter what.

This week I got the worst stomach bug I think I´ve ever had.
Wednesday night I woke up around 2 a.m. in so much pain that we almost
went to the hospital. It felt like someone hooked up jumper cables to
my intestines and then spun them around until all my guts were wrung
into an infinitely tight rope. Not. Fun. But I´m back to normal now,

I don´t have very much time this week. (Ran out of coins for the
internet place!) But I wanted to tell Nate and Grandma Bonnie thank
you for the package!! And Louisa sent a letter this week that I just
LOVED. She included this idea of rewording the first 4 principles of
the gospel in your own words. (i.e. Trust, Change, Covenant, Listen)
She included several examples which I don´t have with me to include.
Anyway, might be a fun FHE activity or something. Reword those 4
principles and tell me how YOU think of them. Ask her for details if
you´re interested.

One more thought. Being loved by children is a singular joy. Nelma´s
got this gaggle of neices and nephews and sons and other kid-relatives
that just kind of adore us missionaries. It´s such a gift.

Ok good people. I love you way more than I have the ability to express.

Your daughter/sister/granddaughter/biggest fan,

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