Monday, July 1, 2013

This is from last week. did it not send? SORRY!!

There is this jazz combo that plays in the square outside where we do internet.  So I read your emails each week while listening to old jazz standards being played by a not-too-shabby street-performing jazz combo.  It´s delightful.  I have been thinking lately how merciful God is.  I really feel like some of the little things in Lagos are special little gifts that He knew I would just love.  For instance, the wind.  I have always loved a good breeze, and with the hot stickiness of summer in the Algarve, the sea breeze is especially wonderful.  Every time, it feels like Heavenly Father is saying 'I love you.'.

It is so fun to hear about your summer happenings.  You all are doing such neat things!  Joe, it sounds like Summerfest was a blast and a half, and that you really shone!!  It´s crazy that last summer I was a counselor at those dances that you were dancing at this year!  The world spins madly on, right?

Good luck at championships, Cobe!!  That´s awesome.  And MATH CAMP!!  heck yeah tech yeah.  

And BEN!!  Marching in the PG parade!!!!!  You are a stud.

Today begins my second transfer as a real live missionaria.  CRAZY.  Time is so weird on the mission.  Some days feel like a universe, but when I consider that it]s nearly July I can't believe it.  I'll be staying here in Lagos!  With Sister Warburton.  But she's going to be an STL, which means that once a week she'll go on divisions with Sister Hill (a few areas away in Olhau), and I'll be with Sister Hill's comp, Sister Radvansky, who is a newbie like me and is awesome and spunky and from Elko or something.  So that will be a fun change!

Everyone keeps telling me that Lagos is the exception to the rule in just about every aspect; that none of my other areas are going to be anything like it.  I'm happy to be here for another transfer.  Sister W and I have been praying to find people who will be able to really LEAD this group in Lagos, which is (drumroll please, Benny!) about to become a BRANCH!!!!  You heard it.  Woooo!

But yeah.  We met a couple, Manuel and Lena, who are normal and cool and could really help the branch.  We need some solid, normal people.  People who have stability in their marriage and financial situations and can therefore be consistent leaders.  We'll teach them the 2nd lesson tomorrow!  Pray that they will be taught by the spirit and feel how true this is!

We're also teaching Isabel, who is not normal, but is awesome.  She really has desire.  She wants to improve her life and knows that we can help her. 

It takes all kinds!  All kinds of missionaries.  All kinds of members.  And the Lord's grace is sufficient for all of us. 

Ah, this combo is making me want to cry!  mmmm, jazz ballads.  I'll take jazz vocal lessons when I get back so we can all jam together.

I'm happy, bewildered, tired, content, and growing.

I love you.  So much it hurts.

Sister Sandholtz

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