Monday, July 22, 2013

What Fine Legs

Gah!  only 13ish minutes today.  Yikes!  sorry!

Spent most of the week with Sister Radvansky in Loule.  Yes Wayne!  Loule!!  I love that we have walked some of the same streets.  So cool!  Where did you perform?  In the park ampitheater?  I love that park in Loule.

We had a lesson with this old lady named Zezinha who randomly throughout the lesson would look at my legs and exclaim, "What fine LEGS you have!"  She would then reach down and stroke Sister Rad's leg and comment, "You too!  So fine and smooth!  I can't even tell which one of you has finer legs!"  HA!!  This seriously happened 3 or 4 separate times during our lesson with her. 

I wrote my phone number on a drunk man's hand yesterday.  Only as a missionary, right!?

A man, you guys, missionary work is heartbreaking.  It's like your heart gets softer, but also it just gets kind of broken.  You have to learn to be a little bit emotionally detached, because you just have almost NO control over the things you want most for the people you care about.

I mean, Zeca pretty much disappeared.  He got a job (we heard), which is good, but he just stopped returning our phone calls completely and didnt come to church.  So sad!  He was progressing so happily towards baptism!  I swear you just have to relinquish all control into the wise, loving hand of Him who knoweth all things.

Gina and Elho are moving.  :(   Luckily, to Albufeira, which is part of the Loule area, so we can pass them along to Sisters Hill and Radvansky. 

Simone is back from Germany.  We finally connected with her last night.  I think I was subconsiously expecting her to have gotten some of her issues worked out at the treatment center, and to have connected with the missionaries we gave her reference to, and to be more ready to learn more about Christ.  But she's in pretty much the same place she was before she left.  She's just not emotionally/mentally stable enough to really be able to be taught by us right now.  So sad.  Christ is exactly who she needs!!  We are going to pass by tonight to have a kind of final lesson with her.  Sheesh!  At least we taught her to try to believe that God exists and how to pray to Him.

We met this Nigerian miracle named Damasio.  I will write more about him next week.

One of the things I love about being a missionary is being able to consecrate the small things.  Like, for instance, when my face was all sweaty and then I had to put sunscreen on and it just felt sticky and gross, I could be like, "Hey.  I'm wearing this sunscreen for Jesus!!" and then feel awesome about it.  Such a blessing. 

All right, best ones, I have to end this installment.  It sounds like you all had a great week!  I love you so so much.

Sister Sandholtz

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